'Migmig' (pronounced 'my-my') is what I call my style of drawing people. This is a term I have created and it translates to "me me" in Danish. The name was inspired by Max Ernst's term 'loplop', meaning a bird-like creature. 

This blog will just be me posting all sorts of migmigs that I doodle daily.

I am also currently participating in a project called the 100 Days Project, where you do a creative activity each day for 100 days.
I have of course chosen to draw 100 migmigs, so follow me and see what I get up to for 100 days…
@ 100migmigs.tumblr.com
Check it out ;)

Permalink This is a series from my 100 Days Project, Zodiac Animal Series, with a little extra…
Have you ever heard of the story of The Great Race?
The story goes that God called the animals to a banquet one night. The Rat, who loved to play tricks on his neighbour, told the cat that the banquet was on the day after tomorrow. The Cat believed his neighbour the Rat and slept whilst dreaming of the banquet. The next day , the Rat arrived first followed by the ox, the tiger and the rest of the animals. The order of the animals was decided by the order that they arrived. The Cat was devastated and vowed that he would always hate the Rat. This is why cats chase rats in folklore.
The little extra in this series is, if you hadn’t noticed, the Cat. 
(Shout to Thilde ;))
Permalink These Millié girls are currently the happening tend. Feeling like there will be an entire series of them by next week…
This one’s for Sof.
Hope you like her ;)
Permalink My friends are constantly talking about the Millié Boutique… so I thought Id draw something a little Millié-inspired for them.
Hope you like it!
This one’s for you, Layla ;)
Permalink Jenn’s migmig cat.
Jenn felt that I needed more cats, so here is her contribution to my “little experiment”. 
Im liking the cooky cat :) Thank you.

Have you thought about drawing a migmig, heres your chance, just print out the migmig outline and send in your drawing. Looking forward to seeing some more of your ideas!
Permalink Draw your own migmig.
Now its time for a little experiment… hopefully itll work…
This migmig is blank *shock horror*
Give them an identity, colour them and send to me @ we_latias@hotmail.com and I will display them here on my tumblr for everyone to see.
So who’s up for this little experiment? I challenge you to give it a go! 
Permalink Mother’s Day 2012.
As you all might know, Mother’s Day (the day where we celebrate our Mums) is THIS Sunday, the 13th of May. 
I have made my Mum this card and bought her a few “goodies”, that Im hoping she will enjoy.
What have you got planned for your Mother this Mother’s Day? I encourage you too to do something special for her ;)

"Do you have a favourite type of facial hair?"

1000 Drawings Amsterdam has posted my drawing on their Facebook page as part of their Daily Doodle, what an honour! 

Go check it out if you havent and have a look at some of the other amazing drawings that have been contributed for this event.

@ 1000 Drawings Amsterdam Facebook

Permalink Merida, from BRAVE.
Im getting all excited about this film, so Ive drawn Merida. Shes in almost full colour as I feel like colour plays a big part in her appearance, like her fiery hair and blue eyes, from her Scottish heritage. Ive drawn her in a plain dress and one of her mother’s possible crazy hair-dos for her. I promise Ill draw her better at another time…
If you havent heard about the film, be sure to check out the trailer ;)
Permalink Chris Pine’s Pine cone (with true eye colour)
- per Nikita’s request.
Permalink Reese Witherspoon’s Spoon (aka Reese ‘Wit-her-spoon’)
(drawn as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde)
- per Georgia’s request
Permalink Djokovic’s Tennis Racket
- per Sof’s request.
Permalink Marie Antoinette’s Cake
- per Chris’ request 
Permalink Clay migmigs! 
Me and my friend Thilde :)
Permalink Frenchman’s Beret
- per Thilde’s request ;)
Permalink Lady’s Beard